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Center For Emotional Wellness of the Northwest Suburbs

Steph Kaser, MA

Steph received her Master’s Degree of Education in Community Counseling and her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Loyola University of Chicago.  Steph has received specialized training with adolescents and adults who struggle with Eating Disorders, OCD, Depression and Anxiety.  Steph has also worked with clients experiencing acute emotional and behavioral issues both in partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care settings.  She has worked with individuals on the Autism spectrum (ABA therapy) as well as those who struggle with school engagement and attendance. Steph believes in a collaborative approach, and teams up with dietitians, medical doctors, schools and community agencies to provide a comprehensive treatment approach to empower clients to reach their full potential.


Steph finds it extremely important to form a trusting, empathetic, and strong connection with her clients to help empower them through whatever struggles they may face. She works from an evidence-based background and finds the therapeutic process to work best when the clinician and client have a collaborative and goal-based process. Clients find Steph to be compassionate, creative, empathetic, and easy to speak with. Steph’s goal is to help individuals develop the skills they need to live happy, healthy lives.

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