Appointments are available in Arlington Heights or Crystal Lake

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Tammy Huttemeyer Client Intake & Care Cordinator

Tammy has experience in medical customer care, direct client calls, scheduling, and medical assistance. Tammy believes in treating others with care and compassion, and knows how important the client experience is at The Center.  Tammy will work to do things right from the start, and works diligently to find efficient and helpful ways to support clients and families. Tammy prioritizes privacy related to client concerns, and has received two HIPAA certifications.

From the moment you reach out to the Center to your first appointment, Tammy will actively listen to what your concerns are and work diligently to find the best match for your needs. Tammy wants you to know that we are taking care of you from the moment you trust us with your call, all the way through your path of wellness.

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