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Center For Emotional Wellness of the Northwest Suburbs

We are the Center for Emotional Wellness Northwest Suburbs

The Leading Counseling Center of the Northwest Suburbs 


We are here as supportive guides to help navigate challenges and obstacles as we find the way to emotional wellness


Everyone experiences life uniquely. We understand circumstances can be difficult, stressful and even tough to manage. Our approach is holistic and encourages treatment focused on strengthening the mind, body and spirit using evidence-based practices that are meaningful and healing.


Areas of Practice

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Child & Adolescent Therapy​
Treatment is aimed to improve problem-solving skills, encourage effective communication and teach healthy ways to manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. At the Center, we assess each child and adolescent’s level of emotional maturity, and work to set goals that will increase emotional functioning and maturity, such as teaching skills to manage distress, regulate emotions, and learn to communicate effectively.Child counseling, in particular, can be different from traditional counseling since children may struggle communicating their experiences. Play therapy is a common technique that may be used to assist a child in expressing their thoughts, feelings and experiences.
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LGBTQIA+ Services
Our therapists take an approach with LGBTQIA+  identifying clients that is affirming and strength based. Our approach is integrative and together we customize exercises that will nurture a variety of life circumstances.  During the process we will help you reprocess old messages, through a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach to explore thought patterns, unhelpful thinking, and cognitive distortions.  These thought patterns can have a direct impact on our emotions, feelings, and actions, therefore we can re-frame them and start to re-process them.  Oftentimes, we find clients have consistent messaging around, “I should, “I must”, or “I can’t” and these can be what are defined as “shaming” messages. We work to remove shame and build new confidence. Our goal is to support you in building confidence by learning who you are. Our team will work with you to learn to respect yourself by having healthy boundaries in your life and accepting yourself without judgment.
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Relationships & Family Therapy​
Couples therapy consists of a couple coming in together to address issues related to the marriage/relationship, or that are impacting the relationship. At times sessions will be conducted with both partners present, while at other times individual sessions may be used. A variety of issues can be addressed in couples therapy; the issues to be addressed are mutually decided upon by the couple and the therapist. Initially sessions are held weekly, but may decrease in frequency as progress is made.

The function of family therapy is to help provide a safe space for skill building and role negotiation. Family therapy is meant to empower family members as they work together to identify and manage inevitable life transitions, daily stresses, and significant conflicts that are often reflective of individual family member frustrations. Family therapy seeks to assist in resolving conflict between family members or when conflict arises simply from one family member’s behavior negatively impacting another family member. Family therapy is also used to help family members adjust to changes that a person in therapy is making. Family therapy may consist of all family members being present or just some; different sessions may also have different family members present. Initially sessions are held weekly, but may decrease in frequency as progress is made.
Adult Therapy​
Treatment is directed at supporting adults working through unique challenges and periods of transition or loss. Our therapists will work to help you balance family, friends and/or work, while maintaining your overall physical and emotional health. Our team will help by assessing your overall needs and developing a customized support plan to help you continue and/or return to living your best life. Our essential mental health services, including adult counseling services, tele-health services, and family-focused counseling aim to promote emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.

We Offer Individualized Treatment Based on Evidence-based Practice

We will connect you with the wellness professional and treatment option that works for you.

Meet Our Founders & Leadership Team

For over 20 years we’ve consulted and supported Northwest suburban schools, communities, families and individuals with outreach programs and trusted guidance.

Expect kindness and support from our team

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Welcoming & Helpful Staff

From scheduling to helping you navigate insurance, our friendly staff are here to help.

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Comfortable & Inviting Settings

Your sessions are confidential & conducted in welcoming environments.

Experienced Therapists

Our team of experts offer a wide range of areas of practice. 

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